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  • Comment author: Unicode
    Posted: Sun, Nov 15 2020 06:15

    super good

  • Comment author: helloyanis
    Posted: Fri, Sep 04 2020 15:29


  • Comment author: MiniMango22
    Posted: Sat, Feb 29 2020 11:41

    Drawn comment by MiniMango2

  • Comment author: Haxoropolis
    Posted: Wed, Jan 01 2020 16:12

    This... This is IMPOSSIBLE! This is the best flipnote that I've ever seen!

  • Comment author: YAJUSENPAI
    Posted: Thu, Oct 03 2019 00:39


  • Comment author: Clasiku
    Posted: Thu, Sep 19 2019 01:49

    This 2015 flipnote is still No. 1?! Jesus Christ, it's like I've made a frickin' milestone. Glad you guys still like it and I appreciate that, but I just don't think it needs to be there, give someone else the Flipnote love and recognition they deserve than I do.

  • Comment author: twosecslater
    Posted: Tue, Aug 27 2019 20:11

    pretty damn nice ngl

  • Comment author: CrossXeno
    Posted: Mon, Aug 19 2019 00:45

    You are welcome for the coins meme lord

Title: Untitled Flipnote
Creator: Clasiku


A flipnote I made a while back in 2015 that was from the Pokemon Black and White episode, "Crisis from the underground up". This was all supposed to be a part of a "knockoff" of "The Terminator called "The Annihilator".

Star Coins:73

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Uploaded Sun, Aug 18 2019 17:16