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Access a wealth of Flipnotes from the DSi Flipnote Hatena service, right from within your browser -- powered by the Internet Archive.

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NOTICE: Unfortunately, due to changes made by Hatena, searching by Hatena ID is no longer possible.

Please be patient if things load slowly; all data is downloaded from the Internet Archive, which is designed for archiving history rather than instant access. We have setup a cache server to make things faster and reduce impact on their servers, but initial downloads may take time.

Some authors may not be available, or some Flipnotes might be missing; unfortunately not everything was saved to the Internet Archive.

Some Flipnotes may have broken sound; unfortunately we have no way to fix this, because Nintendo's conversion process from DSi (PPM) to 3DS (KWZ) format Flipnotes was faulty in some cases.

Related tools / services

You can convert downloaded Flipnotes to video files using Flipnote Player; however, please respect the author's ownership of their work.

In the case of missing Flipnotes, Austin (Sudofox) of Sudomemo (a replacement server for Flipnote Hatena on DSi) has a separate archive of everything that was ever copied to the DSi Gallery by Nintendo. They are also trying to find ways to match broken audio with correct replacements, based on music and on DSi Flipnotes / spin offs uploaded to Sudomemo. Because there's so much data, it's not ready yet, but it looks very exciting! Follow @FlipnoteArchive on Twitter to get the latest updates.

You may also be interested in flipnote-fetcher, a command line tool to save Flipnotes in bulk, direct from the Internet Archive by ID.

If you would like us to block your ID from access via this service, please contact us via email: [email protected]. We will try our best to help you, though you should be aware that we do not store them, and we have no way to remove them from the Internet Archive. (You may be able to contact them to request this.)