Dynamite: Take 2

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  • Comment author: Chindlie
    Posted: Wed, Jan 03 2024 11:30

    i aspire to be this good in animatin ¡v¡

  • Comment author: Chipmunkboy
    Posted: Wed, Dec 20 2023 12:15

    this is great but oml my mind is clawing at itself trying to remember the minecraft parody lyrics

  • Comment author: yussfuss
    Posted: Fri, Nov 24 2023 20:08

    Drawn comment by Yusuf

Title: Dynamite: Take 2
Creator: WillSten


The guest people in this version compared to my latest Sudomemo upload are some of the best artists IMHO to entertain Flipnote Hatena in its golden age. Original production date: Sep-20-15.

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Original creator Fireballer
Uploaded Sat, May 13 2023 03:47


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