LoZ GBC [FGW/Japan] [import]

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  • Comment author: Remixmaker
    Posted: Wed, May 16 2018 20:31

    Lol I seem pretty funny when I look back at this. Ill unlock it pretty soon for everyone.

  • Comment author: Anoni
    Posted: Wed, Oct 11 2017 15:38

    Unlock it :]

  • Comment author: Remixmaker
    Posted: Mon, Sep 25 2017 06:49

    Please don't give me a bunch of coins, because ill end up having to delete this flipnote :/

Title: LoZ GBC [FGW/Japan] [import]
Creator: Remixmaker


This flipnote is absolutly amazing! This flipnote is definetly NOT by me. This is a FGW import. You can find the original creator by looking at the parent flipnote. Give the creator some love by NOT giving me coins!

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Original creator まるぽん
Uploaded Mon, Sep 25 2017 06:35