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  • Comment author: OAM
    Posted: Fri, Dec 04 2020 01:29

    Follow me on IG/TikTok: oscaralexismartinez

  • Comment author: OAM
    Posted: Fri, Dec 04 2020 01:26

    Wow! That's awesome fan art of my animated self. I like how you did the tuxedo, the stache & everything. Overall great work! I loved it. ★★★★★

  • Comment author: XenofiniteX-YT
    Posted: Wed, Dec 02 2020 18:01

    hey,about one of ur videos: have you heard of sudomemo,its a pretty good fan server to post flipnotes on and it has way more people online and its much more active than here in kaeru. the only problem is that its only for the original flipnote studio,therefore your limited to 2 colors at once,anyway here's the site for the instructions: https://support.sudomemo.net/3ds-setup/ your welcome:o

  • Comment author: Oretal
    Posted: Tue, Dec 01 2020 08:35

    Nice Art!

Title: Untitled Flipnote
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