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  • Comment author: TheCartoonBoy94
    Posted: Sun, Dec 12 2021 07:25

    Drawn comment by TCB94

  • Comment author: TheCartoonBoy94
    Posted: Sun, Dec 12 2021 07:23

    Ghost3D, thanks for trying. Even though it didn't succeed, I guess it was time to quit Sudomemo. It was fun using for a year, at least!

  • Comment author: nonogamer9
    Posted: Sat, Dec 11 2021 17:55

    hey im nonogamer9! im not using sudonemo

  • Comment author: Ghost3D
    Posted: Fri, Dec 10 2021 04:04

    i tried also talking to the moderator, didn't work.

  • Comment author: TheCartoonBoy94
    Posted: Wed, Dec 08 2021 05:31

    I did, but they didn't accept the appeal and I gave up to defend more, whiched caused me to join Kaeru World.

  • Comment author: Ghost3D
    Posted: Mon, Dec 06 2021 21:50

    Hey TCB94! It's Ghost64 from sudomemo. did you recieve your email for your ban appeal yet?

Title: Introduction
Creator: TheCartoonBoy94

Here's my introduction which is mostly about myself! More flips coming soon!

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