Kaeru Gallery DSi Library

Access a wealth of Flipnotes from the DSi Flipnote Hatena service, right from within your browser -- powered by Archive.org.

Fetch Flipnotes

Please be patient if things are slow to load -- all Flipnotes are eventually being fetched from the Internet Archive which isn't designed for instant access, although we have setup a caching proxy to speed things up.

Also note that it seems the Internet Archive's collection is incomplete -- some Flipnotes may be missing. Luckily, Austin (Sudofox) of Sudomemo has been working on a comprehensive archive project for a long time (unrelated to the Internet Archive's cache); hang in there, since it looks like they have some fabulous stuff in store! Follow @FlipnoteArchive on Twitter for the latest updates on that.

You may also be interested in flipnote-fetcher, a command line tool to save Flipnotes in bulk!